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First time visiting Japanese teenpussy Ha-Young
I think maybe the second time visiting Ha Young would be a bit more fun.

Japanese teenpussy She spoke English very well and you could also tell she was quite shy.

Left the donation and made my way to freshen up.

When I returned I found Ha under the covers. Seems like she was inviting me there as well.

I lay next to her and we started talking. A little more than I probably wanted to but I could see how shy and nervous she was and to help put her at ease we chatted about different topics.

While chatting I made sure to use my hands to caress Japanese teenpussy her lovely body. She was a bit self conscious of her body but I thought it looked great! Certainly better than many of the other Asian women I’ve encountered. She has natural B cup breasts that were fine and fun and a really nice ass for a Korean babe. She’s only 22yrs old so her face was as close to a beautiful young Asian girl as you can get. Didn’t seem to match the photos online but she was cute nevertheless.

Lay next to her Japanese teenpussy and gave Ha an opportunity to reciprocate with a BBBJ. It was nice. She uses her tongue and hands alot but it felt really nice. She continued for maybe five minutes then seemed unsure of herself and asked if I wanted her Japanese teenpussy to continue. I was fine at this point to ask for the cover and I entered her tight pussy in Mish first. Started slowly and picked up steam as we continued. She seemed to enjoy it and I next flipped her into DS and she really does have a nice ass. Managed one digit in her tight little asshole but other then that she Japanese teenpussy didn’t seem to enjoy it so we stopped any kind of greek play.

Unfortunately I could not bring myself to cum today. I was a little hung over and I simply ended the session and bid good-bye. She kind of seemed like she wanted to end telling me her boss would call soon and they booked another client literally 10 minutes after mine.

Overall, I think Ha-Young has potential to be a good provider. She’s new to the biz and came here to make money to help her mom back in Korea who is sick. These women need to exude confidence to make for a better session and most do.

I would give Ha-young another chance for the simple reason that I think she warms up once she knows you.

Actors: aya kisaki